Qualified Professionals

Specific qualifications and licenses are required to design, construct, maintain, repair and/or replacement of an Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (OWTS) in Santa Cruz County. Environmental Health (EH) has a certification program for Online System Service Providers (OSSP) and a registration program for liquid waste haulers.

EH will develop a Qualified Professional annual registration program for all qualified professionals to demonstrate that their qualifications are in good standing and based on demonstrated experience and satisfactory performance.

Design, construction, maintenance, repair and replacement of an OWTS shall be conducted by a qualified professional or service provider in accordance with the following requirements:

  • Site Evaluations, soil investigations and percolation testing for system design shall be conducted by a licensed California professional, including Civil Engineer, Professional Geologist, Certified Engineering Geologist, Registered Environmental Health Specialist, or another qualified professional as approved by EH.
  • Reports justifying installation on a steep slope, reduced setback to an embankment or other concern of slope stability shall be prepared by a California licensed Professional Geologist or Certified Engineering Geologist.
  • System designs, including Site Evaluation, will be prepared by a California registered Civil Engineer, Professional Geologist or Registered Environmental Health Specialist, or other qualified professional as approved by EH.
  • Qualified installers that install an OWTS must be a contractor duly licensed by the California State Contractor’s Board to install OWTS. Acceptable licensure types are Class A, Class B, Class C-36, and Class C-42. A Class B license holder is limited to installing an OWTS in conjunction with a new construction project as appropriate under applicable State contractor’s law.
  • Liquid waste haulers are required to maintain a separate license to operate in Santa Cruz County and shall comply with all the requirements of Chapter 7.42.
  • Onsite System Service Providers (OSSPs) are an individual or company approved by EH and certified by an OWTS manufacturer or proprietor to conduct maintenance and replace needed parts for each type of enhanced treatment or alternative dispersal system they service, or other qualified OSSP as approved by EH.