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Drinking Water Regulatory Program - Other Resources

  • Funding Programs through the State Water Resources Control Board
  • USDA Funding
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Check Up Program for Small Systems – uses information provided on the system's assets, operation and maintenance activities, and financial status to produce a prioritized asset inventory, financial reports, and a customized asset managements plan.
  • Water Treatment Database – A USEPA survey of common treatment processes.
  • Assess Your Water Footprint – Calculate how much water you use and how to conserve.
  • Smart About Water – Learn more about source water and wellhead protection for small and rural communities.
  • Sustainable Infrastructure for Water & Wastewater – Much of the drinking water and wastewater infrastructure in the US was built 30 years following World War II, mirroring the increase in population.  We cannot ignore the arriving wave of infrastructure rehabilitation and replacement we will face over the next several decades.
  • Water Related Diseases – In the United States, the drinking water supply is normally safe. Yet diseases that spread through water are still a very real problem. When there's a water main break or other interruption, or in areas where clean water is unavailable, what should you do?  When you camp or travel, how do you lower your risk of getting sick from waterborne germs? How about avoiding diseases that can be spread when you and your family swim or play in lakes, streams, pools, or water parks?
  • Water Quality Goals