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Well Status

Active - A water well that is in operation

Inactive - A well not routinely operated but capable of being made an operating well with a minimum amount of effort
Wells that are properly maintained as inactive wells will not be considered abandoned if the following requirements are met:
(1) The well shall not allow impairment of the quality of water within the well and ground water
encountered by the well.
(2) The top of the well or well casing shall be provided with a cover, that is secured by a lock or
by other means to prevent its removal without the use of equipment or tools. The cover shall be watertight and should be where the top of the well casing or other surface openings to the well are below ground level, such as in a vault or below known levels of flooding.
(3) The well shall be marked so as to be easily visible and located, and labeled so as to be easily
identified as a well.
(4) The area surrounding the well shall be kept clear of brush, debris, and waste materials.
(5) The pump shall be maintained in the well, with an approved power supply, except for temporary removal for repair or replacement.
Abandoned - A well whose use has been permanently discontinued or which is in such a state of disrepair that no water can be produced. It is considered abandoned after an absence of use for one year and the owner shows no intent to use the well in the future. These wells must be destroyed to prevent unnecessary contamination of groundwater. On abandonment of a well, or on the order of the Health Officer, a well shall be destroyed under permit by methods described in Chapter II of the State Department of Water Resource Bulletins 74-81 and 74-90 entitled "Water Well Standards:  State of California." (Ord. 1232 §1(part), 1990).
Destroyed - A well that has been properly filled so that it cannot produce water nor act as a vertical conduit for the movement of groundwater.
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