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Land Use - Sewage Disposal - Wastewater Management - Wells

Program Description

Our mission is to ensure public health, safety, and protection of natural resources in Santa Cruz County. Land Use regulates new and existing development in Santa Cruz County and enforces the laws governing property maintenance. By providing and administering public services we encourage the development of a safe and healthy community and environment. 



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Responsibilities and Services

Our program engages in a broad spectrum of land-related processes and activities:

  • Design review of new onsite wastewater enhanced or alternative treatment systems and greywater systems - Road Map for New Development
  • Design review of repairs and modifications to existing on-site wastewater treatment systems
  • Installation inspections of onsite wastewater treatment systems
  • Respond to citizen complaints of failing onsite wastewater treatment systems
  • Issue land use permits: Septic, Well, Residential and Commercial/Institutional Structures
  • Wells and drinking water programs
  • Site Evaluation
  • Certifying installers and percolation testers