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Environmental Cleanup

Sites may become contaminated with toxic chemicals through illegal dumping or disposal, from leaking underground storage tanks, or through industrial or commercial activities.The goal of the environmental cleanup program is to protect the public health and the environment while facilitating completion of contaminated site clean-up projects in a timely manner. Our staff oversees the work of environmental consultants to verify that contaminated sites are adequately characterized, appropriate remedial actions are implemented and current cleanup standards are met. Oversight activities include the following:

  • Review of site assessment and remediation workplans
  • Review of project reports
  • Review of required sampling operations
  • Inspection of field investigation and remediation activities
  • Analysis of sampling data
  • Establishment of site cleanup criteria

A no further action "closure" letter stating that the investigation and remediation is complete can be issued after a determination that the site investigation and any remediation necessary to protect human health and the environment has been satisfactorily completed.

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