Prohibited Water Uses

7.69.030 Prohibited water uses.

(A)    The provisions of this section apply to all use of water in unincorporated areas of Santa Cruz County. Water conservation measures in addition to or more stringent than those contained in this chapter may be required by other chapters of this code, or otherwise required by a supplier of water as a condition of water service.
(B)    It is unlawful for any person to use water for any of the following uses:
(1)    Use of water from any fire hydrant unless specifically authorized by the public water supplier, except by regularly constituted fire protection agencies for fire suppression purposes;
(2)    The watering of grass, lawn, groundcover, shrubbery, open ground, crops and trees, including agricultural irrigation, in a manner or to an extent which allows water to run off from the area being watered;
(3)    The escape of water through leaks, breaks or malfunction within the water user’s plumbing or distribution system for any period of time within which such break or leak should reasonably have been discovered and corrected. It shall be presumed that a period of 24 hours after the water user discovers such break, leak or malfunction, or receives notice from the Director or the public water supplier of such condition, whichever occurs first, is a reasonable time within which to correct such condition or to make arrangements for correction;
(4)    The washing of hard or paved surfaces, including but not limited to sidewalks, walkways, driveways, parking areas, tennis courts, patios or alleys, except when necessary to alleviate safety or sanitary hazards, and then only by use of a bucket or similar container, a hose equipped with a positive shut-off nozzle, a pressure washer, a low-volume, high-pressure water efficient broom, or a cleaning machine equipped to recycle the water used;
(5)    The washing of building exteriors, mobile homes, cars, boats, and recreational vehicles unless the hose is equipped with a positive shut-off nozzle or a pressure washer;
(6)    The operation of an ornamental fountain unless water for such use is recirculated;
(7)    The use of water in new ice-making machines and any other new mechanical equipment that utilizes a single pass cooling system to remove and discharge heat to the sanitary sewer. Water used for all cooling purposes shall be recycled;
(8)    The washing of vehicles at a commercial car wash unless the facility utilizes water recycling equipment, or operates on a timer for a limited time period and shuts off automatically at the expiration of the time period;
(9)    The use of potable water for dust control or soil compaction purposes in construction activities where there is a reasonably available source of reclaimed water appropriate for such use;
(10)    Individual residential car washing unless the use of water is minimized by use of a bucket, hose with automatic shut-off valve or pressure washer;
(11)    The indiscriminate running of water or washing with water which is wasteful and without reasonable purpose;
(12)    The irrigation of turf, landscape, or other vegetated area between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. unless by drip irrigation, or by hand watering with a quick acting positive shut-off nozzle. (Exceptions may be made by the Director for professional gardeners where there is no ability to not water between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.);
(13)    The irrigation of turf or ornamental landscapes more than two days in a week, except for very short periods of time for the express purpose of allowing landscape contractors to adjust or repair an irrigation system. Hourly restrictions set forth in subsection (B)(12) of this section continue to apply on authorized watering days. This provision shall not apply to commercial growers/nurseries or to residential vegetable gardens/edible plantings watered with a hose equipped with a shut-off nozzle;
(14)    The irrigation of turf, landscape, or other vegetated area using an automatic irrigation system for more than 15 minutes per watering station per assigned day. This provision shall not apply to automatic irrigation systems exclusively using low output sprinkler equipment, including rotors, stream rotors, or micro-spray systems;
(15)    The application of potable water to outdoor landscapes during and within 48 hours following measurable rainfall;
(16)    The irrigation with potable water of ornamental turf on public street medians;
(17)    The irrigation with potable water of landscapes outside of newly constructed homes and buildings in a manner inconsistent with regulations or other requirements established by the California Building Standards Commission and the Department of Housing and Community Development;
(18)    The serving of water at restaurants without prior request from the customer;
(19)    The laundering of linens at hotels and motels without offering the guest an opportunity to decline.